Inside Story with Lucinda: with Judith Grohmann 8. April 2023

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Date: 6 April 2023, Time: 12:00 Noon UK Time, GOLDSTER BOOK CLUB, Location: Online

The great great great granddaughter of Charles and Catherine Dickens as well as author, art historian, public speaker and broadcaster Lucida Hawksley, talks with the Austrian author Judith Grohmann, who was born in Vienna and grew up speaking three different languages. An alumni of the Lycée Français de Vienne, she graduated from the University of Vienna with a Master’s degree in Political Science, Journalism and Japanese. She started to work as a  journalist at the age of 18 and became an author in 2005. Her previous books include Fighting the War on Terror and an official biography of the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. 

In her brand new book, The Real Mozart, she takes us behind the curtain to reveal the real personality of a composer, whose influence on the world of music remains profound today. A child prodigy, Mozart created his own style by blending the traditional with the contemporary. He was much loved – and much hyped – but was also a multi-layered and controversial personality: on one side a provocative influencer, but on the other side, a man who was drawn to the Masonic mindset of brotherhood, freedom, tolerance and humanity. 

In his short life, Mozart anticipated almost everything that makes a celebrity today: international tours, hysterical fans, success, big hits, sex and addiction. Mozart’s oeuvre contains around 1,060 titles. Today he might have been showered with Grammys and platinum discs in recognition of his status as the original King of Pop.

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Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz steps down 11. Oktober 2021

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TRT World – The Newsmakers with News Anchor Maria Ramos.

The Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has resigned from his position after a corruption inquiry linked him and his close associates to using taxpayer money to pay for manipulated opinion polls and for bribing a popular tabloid for favorable media coverage. Initially, Kurz was refusing to resign but the prospect of a no-confidence vote forced his hand. So, what does his resignation mean for Austria? And what will be the future of his politics?


Judith Grohmann Author of ‚Sebastian Kurz – The Official Biography‘

Reinhard Heinisch Professor of Comparative Austrian Politics at Salzburg University

Klaus Jurgens Political Analyst


Judith Grohmann : le Monde vu de Vienne 7. Juni 2021

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Jean Corcos did an interview (in French) with me for »Voix plurielle« these days: in this interview we first talked about the Jewish past of Vienna, the pre-war place of a creative explosion carried by illustrious personalities, but unfortunately also the place of a tragic history, that of the Shoah: how Austria lives with this heavy heritage? And then we talked a lot about the very young Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who climbed all the ranks of power with impressive speed; and, above all, who displayed an exceptional friendship for the Jewish community and the State of Israel.