Interview with Radio Sputnik in London – June 2019 12. Juni 2019

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My book „Fighting the war on Terror by Pen&Sword books Ltd. has been presented in England last week at the Austrian Cultural Forum in London.

Yesterday I have been interviewed by my nice colleague from Sputnik News, Mr. Alex South, about Britain’s mobile operators, who are warning that the UK risks losing its position as a world leader in mobile connectivity unless the government clarifies its position over Huawei’s involvement in the UK’s 5G network.


Here is an excerpt of the interview with Alex South…. Just to give you a nice feeling of my voice:



Panel Discussion about Counter Terrorism in London – June 2019 9. Juni 2019

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On 4th of June 2019 I was in England to present my latest book ‚Fighting the War on Terror at the Austrian Cultural Forum London. With great pleasure, I was on the podium with a distinguished panel of experts for a Talk about the work of Counter-Terrorism units around the Globe and of course, about my book. Many thanks to BBC Security-Correspondent Gordon Corera, Counter-Terrorism-expert Richard Barrett and Cambridge University-Professor Neil Kent who made this Evening in London possible. I also would like to thank all the guests who joined this Evening. It was a great pleasure to discuss with you – for several hours – the topics of Security, Counter-Terrorism, Prevention and the numerous adventures I had, when I did this book with the units in the 16 countries of this World.


This book means a lot to me. I experienced so much during the writing process and for that, I would like to thank you – Commanders and members of the Units – for your contributions to make this book possible. I think that we did a good job! The book has been translated into several languages and is a very well received. Especially in England! It has been dedicated to the actor Kevin Spacey who played in the Movie „The Negotiator“ and who inspired me to write this book. Spacey is also an inspiration for numerous members of the Counter terrorism-units worldwide because of this Movie.

Many thanks to the Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Katalin-Tünde Huber and to her whole Team in London who made this Evening possible!



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Bookpresentation in London on Tuesday, 4th of June 2019 1. Juni 2019

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Forum des Métiers 2019 au Lycée Français de Vienne 27. März 2019

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Le Lycée Français de Vienne m’a invitée à participer comme intervenante au „Forum des Métiers 2019“. Il s’agit d‘ une journée destinée aux élèves de classe de 1ère – donc aux élèves qui font leur Baccalauréat en un an – pour se familiariser avec les nombreux parcours de formation et de rencontrer des professionnels de divers domaines. Cette journée permet aux élèves de poser plein de questions … 🏃🏃🏃L’objectif est de simplifier l’orientation professionnelle par des échanges entre les jeunes et 60 professionnels.

J’étais l’un des professionnels …

Et j‘ ai eu la grande joie de discuter avec Elena, Sophie, Matthew, Zoé, Sabrina-Paula, Lara et pleins d’autres élèves intéressés par mon métier de journaliste, d‘ auteure et de conférencière… Je leur ai expliqué que au final, il fallait s’intéresser à tout dans la vie. C´est á dire : à la politique, à l´économie, aux langues, au sport, à la culture,…etc…  Voilà ce que mes profs au Lycée m´ont appris. C´est ainsi que des discussions fructueuses ont eu lieu ce mercredi et – comme les années précédentes – les élèves ont été impressionnés par mes récits… 😉

Voici les photos du jour:


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Austrias Chancellor KURZ receives my book 9. Dezember 2018

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On Wednsday 5th December 2018 Austrias Chancellor Sebastian KURZ met with me after the Council of Ministers. We had a chat and then we posed with my new book „Fighting the War on Terror“ published at Pen&Sword books Ltd. The Chancellor is very interested in the Topic of Security and started to read my book as did his team of the Chancellery…


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Interview with Sputnik News London November 2018 24. November 2018

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My new book „Fighting the war on Terror“ Pen&Sword books Ltd. will be published on 30th of November 2018.

One week before, I have been interviewed by my nice colleague from Sputnik News, Mr. Jordan Brooks, about the attack in Manchester in 2017. Here is an excerpt of the interview…. Just to give you a nice feeling of my voice:


Keynotespeech about Austrian elections and the expectations 20. Oktober 2017

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The Bavarian network „Europe after work“ invited me to talk about Austria, its political partys, the winner of the last elections to the Chancellor 31year old Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, his tactics and the possibilities of the future coalitions in Austria. But also what the European Union can expect from him. 150 guests came to The Information Office of the European Parliament and enjoyed this evening, sponsored by the Bavarian Ministry of education, culture, science and art. After my Keynotespeech, we talked for several hours with the guests: they had so many questions.

Thank you so much Uta Löhrer, Tobias Winkler and Dipl.Jur., Dipl. Pol. Birgit Schmitz-Lenders.


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