Judith Grohmann : le Monde vu de Vienne 7. Juni 2021

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Jean Corcos did an interview (in French) with me for »Voix plurielle« these days: in this interview we first talked about the Jewish past of Vienna, the pre-war place of a creative explosion carried by illustrious personalities, but unfortunately also the place of a tragic history, that of the Shoah: how Austria lives with this heavy heritage? And then we talked a lot about the very young Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who climbed all the ranks of power with impressive speed; and, above all, who displayed an exceptional friendship for the Jewish community and the State of Israel.



Interview with Radio Sputnik in London – June 2019 12. Juni 2019

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My book „Fighting the war on Terror by Pen&Sword books Ltd. has been presented in England last week at the Austrian Cultural Forum in London.

Yesterday I have been interviewed by my nice colleague from Sputnik News, Mr. Alex South, about Britain’s mobile operators, who are warning that the UK risks losing its position as a world leader in mobile connectivity unless the government clarifies its position over Huawei’s involvement in the UK’s 5G network.


Here is an excerpt of the interview with Alex South…. Just to give you a nice feeling of my voice:



Panel Discussion about Counter Terrorism in London – June 2019 9. Juni 2019

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On 4th of June 2019 I was in England to present my latest book ‚Fighting the War on Terror at the Austrian Cultural Forum London. With great pleasure, I was on the podium with a distinguished panel of experts for a Talk about the work of Counter-Terrorism units around the Globe and of course, about my book. Many thanks to BBC Security-Correspondent Gordon Corera, Counter-Terrorism-expert Richard Barrett and Cambridge University-Professor Neil Kent who made this Evening in London possible. I also would like to thank all the guests who joined this Evening. It was a great pleasure to discuss with you – for several hours – the topics of Security, Counter-Terrorism, Prevention and the numerous adventures I had, when I did this book with the units in the 16 countries of this World.


This book means a lot to me. I experienced so much during the writing process and for that, I would like to thank you – Commanders and members of the Units – for your contributions to make this book possible. I think that we did a good job! The book has been translated into several languages and is a very well received. Especially in England! It has been dedicated to the actor Kevin Spacey who played in the Movie „The Negotiator“ and who inspired me to write this book. Spacey is also an inspiration for numerous members of the Counter terrorism-units worldwide because of this Movie.

Many thanks to the Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Katalin-Tünde Huber and to her whole Team in London who made this Evening possible!



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