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On a Secret Mission

What Counter Terrorist units experience in the fight against Crime and Terrorism

Riva-Verlag, Munich 2013, 19,99 €
ISBN 978-3-86883-290-7


The German GSG9, the Austrian EKO-Cobra, the British SC&O 19, the French RAID, the US-SWAT-Teams – these elite police units are always involved when it becomes particularly dangerous in this World. Kidnappings as well as armed Operations against the Organized Crime and – for all – the fight against Terrorism are the responsibility of this Task Force. The Counter-Terrorist units from around the world meet regularily to exchange their various experiences. The Austrian investigative journalist and author Judith Grohmann is the first outsider ever allowed to access this fraternity. In her book Judith reports exclusively from the secret world of 16 worldwide active elite police units. The stories about the operations and missions that they told Judith, took place in: USA, Russia, Jordania, Israel and Europe – in Great Britain, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Hungary and Lithuania. In this book Judith describes not only the most dangerous operations, she gives also an introduction to the selection process, the formation and the psychological training of these elite fighters. She describes also how they go along with every use of their physical and mental limits and how they deal with traumatic experiences. The author collected in this book exciting and moving reports of the members of the units from various interventions over the past decade, including the tragic events of January 2015 in France, which began with the attack at the offices of Charlie Hebdo-newspaper.

An intimate look at a closed world.

On a Secret Mission“ has been written in a Reportage-Style. This book has known a great success, because Judith is worldwide the first author being introduced into the World of active Counter Terrorist-units. Judith gives her readers a look behind the curtain of the work of these courageous men and women in these units, who fight every day against Terrorism and Crime to guaranty with their own life the Security of the citizens.

Judith dedicated this book to the American actor Kevin Spacey, because, after watching his performance of police Lieutenant Chris Sabian in the movie „The Negotiator“ in 1998, she became extremely interested in the topic of security and the work of Counter-Terrorist-Units.

This book has been published in Germany and is also available as eBook, ePub, Kindle and as App. Please take a look at the homepage of the publisher Riva in Germany:

http://www.m-vg.de/riva/shop/author/1851/      and     www.m-vg.de/riva/shop/article/3050-in-geheimer-mission/

This book has been published in Poland at Bellona Publishing:
www.amazon.de/Tajne-misje-Judith-Grohmann/dp/8311135746 or http://ksiegarnia.bellona.pl/index.php?c=fut&bid=7913&page=0

This book has been published in FranceBelgium and Luxemburg. It can be bought in french version via amazon worldwide.

In june 2016 it has been released in Romania, in november 2016 in Slovakia, in january 2017 in the Czech Republic.

Publishers in other countries are currently negotiating the rights.

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