English 1. Juni 2011


Pilots Myth – about adventurers and cool guys

Fascination and reality on board

 Publisher Molden Verlag, Wien 2011, 19,99 €
ISBN: 978-3-85485-293-3

What makes the fascination of flying? What is the reality in breezy altitude? The business aviation airliner Dagmar Grossmann has been nominated as the first woman of the Top ten Leader of the European Business Aviation Association (EBBA) in 2010. She has made job interviews with more than 4000 pilots in her life. Together with the political-economical journalist Judith Grohmann both authors will give a view behind the scenes of this fascinating job. From the education to the special situations during flights and how pilots resolve them nowadays, as well as “life in the second row” as a Co-Pilot and the competent reactions of feminine operators. Both authors also identify the different types and characters of pilots. The two authors try to show the different accesses of their protagonists at this complex profession or hobby. Tests for pilots as well as interviews with the inventor of the solarplane, talks with aviation psychologs, military-, police- and rescue-pilots as well as airliners, freaks, acrobatic pilots from The Flying Bulls & Red Bull Air Race, as well as testpilots from Boeing, Airbus and Concorde, as well as with pilots from major airlines from around the world complete the image of the job. A book for all those of you, who really wants to know more about this fascinating job: men as well as women.

The book „Pilot Myth“ deals with a broad range of aeronautic enthousiasts, pionieers, visionarys and heros like Commander Jörg Sandhofer chefpilot of the Austrian Eurofighter, as well as British entrepreneur and visionary Sir Richard Branson who wants to conquer the universe, as well as the descendant of the aviators dynasty Bertrand Piccard, inventor of the first solar plane and goes right to the Air Race World Champion Hannes Arch and to the test pilots of the most well known aircraft manufacturer and the numerous heroes of everydays life, like police-, military- and rescue pilots – and many others too.

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