Pictures 30. Dezember 2012


Hollywood in Austria. Here I am with Academy Award-winner Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck at the monastery Heiligenkreuz. Florian is really tall with 6 feet 875 inches (2,14 meter), while I am only 5 feet 14 inches (1,60 meter). Unfortunately Mario Testino was unavailable that day, so father Charles jumped in and did a four-hour-fotoshooting with us.


With my nice collegues, journalists from Austrian and French Media, who are always investigating and searching for the trouth … even when the situations are tricky.


I love to party and I love beeing at serious events. I love to meet new people and to have fun. But… where is the Champaign?


Oh my god. Hollywood just called me…and it is by far not the last phone call from there …


As you might know, I love the South of France. Beeing a model and beeing pictured in front of the Mediterrenean is not only cool .. but for all … really healthy … for an urban Austrian girl like me.