English 26. Mai 2010


The Austrian Phenomenon – What makes the Austrian so successful

Molden Verlag, Wien 2006, 19,90 €
ISBN-10: 385485160X ISBN-13: 978-3854851608

The book entitled “The Austrian Phenomenon” is an analysis of the Alpine republic in the heart of Europe. It has been written for those people who want to understand the reasons, why a small country like Austria can be more successful than other powerful european countries. In fact, that is quite simple: Austria has become a pallet of merchandising in Eastern Europe and has ameliorated his position in Central Europe. That makes a better atmosphere in politic and society. And that is why the Austrians now have a better and stronger position in Europe.

Germany has been for a long time THE ultimative benchmark for his smaller neighbor. For many years the Federal Republic has been a kind of checkpoint. For example in the economical field, where the Austrians oriented themselves. But this is no longer the case.

Because suddenly, the circumstances have changed. The Alpine Republic, which has been smirked, has become economically successful – even more successful than his bigger, powerful neighbor Germany.

What lies beneath the Austrian Phenomenon? To make you understand that, the Austrian journalist Judith Grohmann analyses the mentality of her compatriots, the politic and the economy in the Alpine Republic, the education and the wellknown titel-addiction, the psycho-element and the networks of typical Austrians. She has also reviewed the structures of the enterprises and the key points of the Economy. Successful and wellknown Austrians who made their careers in Germany have been interviewed by Judith and questioned about the stories of their success as “Foreigners living and working in Germany”, like for example: the Chef Sarah Wiener who started as a caterer for the film industry and is now the owner of four restaurants in Berlin. Or the Marketing expert Sebastian Peichl, son of an Austrian Architect, Mister Gustav Peichl. But also the CEO of RTL Group, Gerhard Zeiler, who now works for Turner Broadcasting in London as the Head of International Business, overseeing channels including CNN and Cartoon Network –  and finally – the Editor-in-Chief of German Magazine „Stern“, Thomas Osterkorn, who is the son of an Austrian and has a German mother. Osterkorn became the Publisher of the weekly news-magazine in Hamburg.

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