Lectures 4. Juni 2015

Starting with 2015 Judith Grohmann became a visiting faculty member at the Faculty of Business and Globalization of the Danube University Krems in Lower Austria. The Department for Business Law and European Integration is the leading institution for postgraduate legal studies in Austria.

Based on an interdisciplinary approach of law, politics and economics, the students receive a well-founded education, that helps them to assess problems of world politics critically, to make them able to understand and classify the complexity of International Relations, so that they can develop and deliver solutions.

Judith Grohmann teaches at Professor DDr. Thomas Ratka‚ s and Dr. Johannes Kerschbaumer ’s course of Law and European Integration. Details see below:


Her lecture on the topic: Surveillance via Secret- and Intelligence Services around the Globe, was held again – due to the huge success – on 4th April 2019.