Austrias Chancellor KURZ receives my book 9. Dezember 2018

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On Wednsday 5th December 2018 Austrias Chancellor Sebastian KURZ met with me after the Council of Ministers. We had a chat and then we posed with my new book „Fighting the War on Terror“ published at Pen&Sword books Ltd. The Chancellor is very interested in the Topic of Security and started to read my book as did his team of the Chancellery…


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Keynotespeech about Austrian elections and the expectations 20. Oktober 2017

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The Bavarian network „Europe after work“ invited me to talk about Austria, its political partys, the winner of the last elections to the Chancellor 31year old Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, his tactics and the possibilities of the future coalitions in Austria. But also what the European Union can expect from him. 150 guests came to The Information Office of the European Parliament and enjoyed this evening, sponsored by the Bavarian Ministry of education, culture, science and art. After my Keynotespeech, we talked for several hours with the guests: they had so many questions.

Thank you so much Uta Löhrer, Tobias Winkler and Dipl.Jur., Dipl. Pol. Birgit Schmitz-Lenders.


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An interview with the Austrian Minister of Defence Hans Peter Doskozil 19. Juni 2017

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Today you can read an Interview that I did with the Austrian Minister of Defense, Hans Peter Doskozil, in my beloved Newspaper Münchner Merkur. He talks about the Compulsory Military Service and the debate launched about the German „Wehrmacht“ Military Service. The cool pictures in the Wintergarden of the Ministers office in Vienna have been made by my photografer-colleague, Regine Hendrich. The blond hair you can pitch on the first picture is from the interviewer…that is me. Besides: Minister Doskozil has an interesting CV. He began his career as a Patrolman in Vienna after he finished High School.

Please read the full ITV on the Internet page of Münchner Merkur:



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Forum des Métiers 2017 au Lycée Français de Vienne 31. März 2017

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Le Lycée Français de Vienne m’a de nouveau invitée à participer au „Forum des Métiers“: il s’agit d‘ une journée destinée à permettre aux élèves de 1ère des séries littéraires, économiques et scientifiques, de réfléchir à leurs futures carrières avec des professionnels dans leurs domaines. J‘ ai ainsi eu la grande joie de discuter avec Leila, Lilia, Alessandro, Emma, Cassandre, Omar, Elsa, Matteo, Catherine, Yaroub, Cassandre, et pleins d’autres élèves intéressés sur mon métier de journaliste, d‘ auteure et de conférencière… et j‘ ai tenu à leur expliquer que au final il fallait s’intéresser à tout dans la vie: politique, langues, sport, culture… C‘ est ce que mes profs au Lycée, jadis, m‘ avaient appris.  C‘ est ainsi que des discussions fascinantes ont eu lieu et à la fin, comme les années précédantes, les élèves ne voulaient plus me lâcher. „Reviens, Judith“, me suppliaient-ils. Mes chers amis, je reviendrais… c´est promis 😉 Voici quelques photos du jour:

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My book published in Czech Republik 2. Februar 2017

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Good news on February 2nd 2017. Today, my postman rang twice here in Vienna. He brought me many beautiful books directly from Prague. It was with great joy that I opened a huge parcel that contained several examples of  ‚Tajné Misie‚. That is my book that has been published this week by Knizni Klub Publishing. The cover is cool and made by Michael Hetzmannseder. The book contains the best storys of real operations of Counter-terror-units in 16 countrys of this world and many pictures of the international units. Enjoy reading it. The name of the author is again Judith Grohmannova 😉

And for the Fans of ZEN Magazin E15: I have added a brandnew article from 17th of March 2017 written by Hana de Goeij. Enjoy reading it.


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Interview mit dem jüngsten Aussenminister der Welt: Sebastian Kurz 3. Dezember 2016

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Heute erschien unser Interview mit Sebastian Kurz, dem jüngsten und beliebtesten Aussenminister der Welt, im Münchner Merkur. Mein Chefredakteur Georg Anastasiadis ist dafür eigens aus München angereist, um mit mir gemeinsam den Minister zu befragen. Unser Interview wurde vor allem von den deutschen Lesern sehr goutiert. Es hat aber auch hohe Wellen geschlagen … von Europa bis in die USA wurden wir zitiert. Gut so. Foto: Michael Hetzmannseder.


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My book published in Slovakia 26. November 2016

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Good news, fellows, my book „On a Secret Mission“ („In geheimer Mission“, Riva Verlag) has been published recently in Slovakia by Ikar Publishing under the title „Tajne Misie„. You can admire the most beautiful cover that has been made till now… The book contains also many pictures of the units. Enjoy reading it. The name of the author is Judith Grohmannova 😉 The next step will be Czech Republic in spring 2017.