My book published in Czech Republik 2. Februar 2017

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Good news on February 2nd 2017. Today, my postman rang twice here in Vienna. He brought me many beautiful books directly from Prague. It was with great joy that I opened a huge parcel that contained several examples of  ‚Tajné Misie‚. That is my book that has been published this week by Knizni Klub Publishing. The cover is cool and made by Michael Hetzmannseder. The book contains the best storys of real operations of Counter-terror-units in 16 countrys of this world and many pictures of the international units. Enjoy reading it. The name of the author is again Judith Grohmannova 😉

And for the Fans of ZEN Magazin E15: I have added a brandnew article from 17th of March 2017 written by Hana de Goeij. Enjoy reading it.


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