Short trip to London to see my Friends … and Clarence Darrow 7. Juni 2014

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Friends always know what I need: relaxing in good privileged atmosphere. That is why I have been invited to London for a short break between my lectures, my podium discussions as well as my writing job and the planning of the second half of the year. London is such an overwhelming and cool city. And besides, I had a great chance with the weather. The Sky was as blue as in the South of France, the Sun was shining this weekend. It was magic. When I am in London, I always think about the great poet and moralist Samuel Johnson, who once said: „When a man is tired of London, he is tired of Life“. I got a ticket for the Old Vic Theater because I had to see the man to whom I dedicated my current book: Mr. Kevin Spacey. He played Clarence Darrow by David W. Rintels, which is a one-man play based upon Irving Stone´s Clarence Darrow for the Defense. Just to let you know: it was an extraordinary experience. In fact, Kevin Spacey is overshadowing every actor I know. Because he acts in a total different way then the Europeans. He really rocks. Definitely. I am still amazed by his craft and by his presence. A selected member of the crew from the Old Vic got a copy of my book „On a Secret Mission“ and was asked to hand it over to Mr. KS together with a personal letter for him. Besides: the Selfie shows me with an Evening Dress with plenty of Pearls sponsored by my preferred British Label: Monsoon. And here are some pictures from my trip – enjoy:


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