Look who I met today: writer Eva Jancak 27. Februar 2014

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27-02-2014. First, she wrote in her Literary Blog about my new book which is a great honor for me. Today I met her in person: Dr. Eva Jancak is a Psychologist and Psychotherapist. But she is also an Author since 1973: she writes Novels, Anthologys and Essays and she also worked for the Austrian Broadcast ORF. Eva got a lot of cool awards, for example: the Theodor Körner Prize, which is dedicated by the Theodor Körner Fund in recognition of cultural and scientific advances – this is one of Austria’s most prestigious awards in the arts and science. She got the Luitpold Stern Prize in the years 2000, 2003 and in 2005. This award has been named after the well known Novelist specialized in the field of Workers Exploitation. She is also member of the board at the „A Feast for the Ears„-Prize dedicated to people with Learning difficulties. Besides: We had a good cup of coffee at her home and Eva informed me about the different Writer Networks in Austria and Germany. Again I have learned new things about writing and writer… To meet creative people is just so fascinating and exciting for me… Wonderful …  Today was the right day to do a „Selfie“ of the two of us …

Dr. Jancak+ Judith Grohmann 2