Two hours at Albertgasse High School Vienna with cool students from eleventh grade 20. Februar 2014

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20-02-2014. It was really great to meet all these Austrian students and to discuss with them topics, like Security, Counter-Terrorism, Protection … as well as the work of the Counter terrorism units in 16 countries of this world, like Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, Luxemburg, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Portugal, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, USA, Israel and Jordania. And besides of all that, I had to describe the work of a writer nowadays and of a journalist, which was apparently totally fascinating to all of these guys.


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The Albertgasse High School and its Students seem to be very interested in the real subjects of our time. Thank you so much for these two hours with you, 7b and 7c as well as many thanks to you: Mr. Oberstudienrat Mag. Walter Radics and Mrs. Oberstudienrat Mag. Pia Michitsch. Pictures: Lukas Kermer (Student, 7b) . Please Follow us on Facebook via my publisher Riva: https://www.facebook.com/events/1378923219023904/