Presentation of „Mythos Pilot“ in Vienna with German actor Robert Lohr 8. Februar 2012

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At a private Champaign reception sponsored by the oldest french Champaignhouse Gosset (founded in 1584) and arranged on december 16 in 2011 with the kind assistance of my dearest friends, international pilots and readers with the phantastic support of more than 20 worldwide active companies, German actor Robert Lohr did a reading from my book „Mythos Pilot – von Abenteurern und coolen Typen“ (published at Molden Verlag) in front of 150 VIP-guests from all over the world, including Capt. Matthew Mattson from US-Air Force, Capt. Robert Schornsteiner from ÖAMTC, private pilot and widow of 2nd World War-heroe Luftwaffe General and flying ace Adolf Galland, Heidi Galland, the president of the „Ninety Nines„-section in Austria, Capt. Monika Stahl, as well as the charming Capt. Cornelia Wolf from Air Berlin. Robert Lohr who is one of the „pilots“ that I have interviewed in my book, plays currently in two of the most successful German TV-series: In „Die Bergretter – The mountain rescuers“ (made by ZDF, a public-service German television broadcaster) he is cast as „Michael Dörfler“, a rescue pilot. And in „The last cop“ (made by SAT 1, the first privately owned television broadcasting in Germany) he is cast as „Roland Meisner“, the pathologist. Both series have a tremendous success with over 15 Million people from the European Union watching them. The event-location itself was unique at the 21st and 22nd floor in one of the highest towers in Vienna – the PORR-tower. For all of you, who couldn´t attend the reception, my friend, photographer and collegue, Michael Hetzmannseder, has made some cool pictures:

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