Presentation of „Das Ösi-Phänomen“ with Chef Sarah Wiener in Vienna 23. März 2006

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On march 23 in 2006, I presented my first book „The Austrian phenomenon – why the Austrians are so successful“. I had more than 500 high profile guests from politics and management. Among them the Austrian Minister of Finance, international architect Gustav Peichl, who´s son Sebastian is interviewed in the book, Sony Ericcsson Global Head of Retail and distribution Andrea Gaal, the chairman of the board of management of the Austrian stock exchange, Stefan Zapototzky, the chairman of the board of management of Roland Berger Consultants Austria, Manfred Reichl, the chairman of the board of management of Generali Holding, Werner Moertel, the chairman of the board of management of Berndorf AG, Norbert Zimmermann, the chairman of the board of management of the Austrian industry-holding stock corporation, Peter Michaelis, the Managing Director of RTR’s Telecommunications and Postal Services Division, Georg Serentschy, as well as my redactor in chief from my Bavarian Newspaper „Münchner Merkur„, Georg Anastasiadis. About 10 ambassadors also attended the event among them the German, the US, the French and the Chineese Ambassador in Austria. 25 food- and beverage-sponsors from all over Austria entertained my guests with their best products and showed what the Austrians – called „Ösis“ by the Germans – are capable of. The charming Chef Sarah Wiener joined us live from Berlin to help promote my book. Sarah Wiener is one of the nicest Austrian „exports“ in Germany and owns actually 4 restaurants in Berlin. She started with catering for the Filmindustry and runs a successful TV-series at ARTE called „Die kulinarischen Abenteuer der Sarah Wiener„. For all of you, who couldn´t attend the presentation, my friend, photographer and collegue, Michael Hetzmannseder, has made some cool pictures:

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